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So where is Mutambara?

Its almost a year now since Arthur Mutambara entered the Zimbabwe political scene to lead a faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

After the initial speeches and fanfare, I wonder where he is now. I haven't seen him in the headlines for some time now and I wonder whether he has fizzled out or maybe he is busy planning the strategy for the 2008 Presidential elections.

If the constitution doesn't get changed then the next presidential elections in Zimbabwe are going to be held next year and it should be interesting to see how Mutambara will fare in his maiden elections.

There won't be any presidential elections next year in Zim because the boss has already deferred them. It will be 2010 next.

What about the boss pushing back the parliamentary elections to 2008? That would be good.

Mutambara, over ambitious as ever...He underestimated the stakes against him. Apart from the usual rigging, the intelligensia is just a minute percentage of the active electorate, makes it easier for Tobaiwa Mudede to do his dirty work.

Mugabe made his mark and built his rise to leadership by being eloquent and sharp recitals, but I think that was a different era...he undid himself big time by encouraging the split of MDC

Good luck to him in another life...

Maybe Mutambara will make his mark by being ambitious and trying what has never been done before. Just maybe.

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