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Dabengwa joins Makoni

Dumiso Dabengwa announced this weekend that he was backing Simba Makoni in his bid to become president and replace Robert Mugabe in the forthcoming Zimbabwe presidential elections.

Cyril Ndebele, a former speaker of parliament also came out to voice his support for Makoni but I think it is Dabengwa's support that is the most significant.

By aligning up with people like Dabengwa, I think Makoni has made sure that he will get most of the Matabeleland Zanu PF vote and that will be quite significant in his bid to become president.

However, Matebeleland has lately become more MDC than Zanu PF and that could be the only problem but he will also be counting on the Mutambara faction vote.

Dabengwa comes untainted by the corruption that has bedeviled Zanu PF and although he is in the politburo he hasn't been active in government for some time and I think that will benefit the Makoni vote.

Now that Dabengwa and Ndebele have publicly shown their support for Makoni I am wondering who else will come out in support of him as the election day draws nearer.

I think Dabengwa's endorsement is good for Makoni but I still have some questions. When he says his move is not about regime change but leadership change what exactly does he mean? It appears to me like he is all about trying to replace Mugabe with himself and then try to make Zanu PF work. How can he do that for a party that has taken the country down to the cleaners over the last few years.

I think what he needs is a clean start and forget about Zanu PF. Getting people like Dabengwa on board is a step in the right direction and he needs to get some more people like him from Zanu if there are still any left and then build a team without much leaning to the current Zanu Pf.

I just think Stan that Makoni would like to maintain the present Zanu PF supporters as his core supporters hence the call for a leadership change. I also think that if he wins then he will try to go back into Zanu PF and become its leader. Will see.

...I agree with the sentiments that at the Presidium level, the structures and mandates that one gets from his party are key, and to stand as an independent its not ideal. Effective change and leadership is done through all the governance structures.

To say I will be a one man band and show is contrary to modern day and democratic political philosophies. Zimbabwe is at a crossroads not only in terms of bankrupt presidency and leadership but also in terms of non-functional and ineffective national and local government institutions.

It will take more than a social and political revolution to get the structures going as they should again. And one man bands if not dictatorships dont work. What started as a lack of direction and conscience by Zanu degenerated into porous governance and Mugabe took advantage of that and in the absence of control and lack of accountability in Zanu, he seized the opportunity snd grew larger than the party itself.

It is Zanu that let us down because of their lack of substance. They were benefiting from the bankrupt and corrupt status quo that they enjoyed having Mugabe as their leader protecting and eulogising him. Now that Mugabe has become a monster to them as well, they want to substitute him with Makoni,............, what a shame.

I agree Stan, we dont want Zanu coming back through the back door. We want a complete change. It pains me that people with such intellect or it was just self promoted like Mandaza, Makoni can try to deceive the electorate and be selfish to the extent of ignoring the big picture of redoing the whole political , economic and social model for Zimbabwe, and try to perpetuate anguish by implementing cosmetic changes. Very unfortunate..........

Thanks Mbareboy for the comment. I have always doubted this idea of an independent trying to be a president because in the end he will be aligned to some group and nobody has control over that apart from the person himself. For me thats a problem that Zimbabwe doesn't want at the moment and thats where I also see Makoni's failings.

On the other hand there is no doubt that Makoni sees himself as Zanu PF hence he is so careful not to criticise Zanu PF but just blame the leadership which happens to be Mugabe. Thats a good strategy if he wants one day to be the leader of Zanu PF and its a possibility, I think.

Guys, I see this Makoni formation as a struggle between Makoni and Mugabe and nothing more. These people like Dabengwa who are coming on his side are only trying to help his cause in the hope that he will win which of course he can. Makoni wants to become the leader of Zanu PF and he has essentially taken that fight to the presidential election where he hopes to beat Mugabe even if it means coming second and Mugabe third in the election. After that happens he will then campaign for the presidency of Zanu.

Now the problem comes if Makoni loses to Mugabe. In that case he will have no recourse to the argument that the people want him more than Mugabe and that could spell his end in his endevour to lead Zimbabwe or Zanu because he cannot continue running as an independent and he must be knowing that this is his best and last chance.

But if he beats Mugabe then his strategy would have worked and he knows that in a fair and free election his chances of winning are quite high. Whether thats means bringing Zanu through the back door I don't know but people voting for him will be knowing what they are voting for. By the way if he brings a new Zanu, will that be bad?


Some interesting analysis Dave, thanks. I have heard some people say that Makoni would like to wrestle Zanu PF from Mugabe but I think he could form his own party after the elections and let people join the party if they wish or as you say he could try to take the reins of Zanu PF. I will need to go through his site and read more about what he is saying.

A new Zanu PF? I actually don't know what that would mean but whatever it is it looks like an interesting scenario.


mbareboy me, Zanu has morphed itself into a party that no longer respects its fiduciary duties and responsibility to the general masses, and has become accountable unto itself. It is a party where anyone who leads it has the chance to become a dictator, because that what the party wants.

If the Central Committee is ignored and doesn't hold the leadership accountable and the annual congresses becoming mere talkshops and rubberstamps, it would be interesting to see how Makoni can assume a larger than life character and bring back controls, checks and balances to an institution I believe is beyond repair. He still has to get the support of the provinces to elect him and the Central Committee to agree to forward his name to the Politburo, and thats where the bankruptcy of Zanu is rooted, buttressed by factionalism, tribalism etc.

Makoni is leading disgruntled members which means the core is still there, and in itself is a promotion of factionalism. Reading between the lines one can see he is nowhere near the critical mass that is needed to deal with the tribal politics that characterise the Zanu landscape if his so called heavyweight team is anything to go by, unless they will come out later.

His only card is that i think most of the old guard would want to go sooner rather than later and that opens up the leadership race. I would rather have an institution that self-regulates with working systems and controls than rely on personalities to conduct themselves in a way that doesn't promote self interest. Every successful and functioning democracy in the world is a result of having functional accountability and subjecting conduct to checks and balances.

The most important thing right now is to get Bob out of power. There is not going to be a fairy tale story whereby Tsvangirayi wins in a free and fair election. The only people that only people that can wrestle power from Mugabe are those with access to the rigging machine.

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