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Zimbabwe election results delay

The 2008 Zimbabwe general election took place on Saturday the 29th of March and its nearly Monday Zimbabwean time and so far there have been no official results forthcoming.

I wonder why there has been such a delay when most of the votes have been counted and people can see the results outside the polling stations.

In the presidential election President Robert Mugabe will be trying to hold on to power for another term but this time unofficial results from the MDC seem to suggest that he could have lost the election.

Mugabe didn't only have the challenge of Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC but also of former finance minister Simba Makoni who managed to get substantial support in a short space of time. I wonder what could have happened had he launched his bid earlier.

I cant wait to see the official results because at the end of the day those are the ones that count.

The election results thing is a farce. I also don't understand why announcing results should be such a hard thing when the counting is already done.

The bizzare thing for me at the moment is the announcing of draws 3-3, 6-6, 12-12 whats going on there? I smell a rat.

Topara, I also don't understand why the results are always neck in neck. If you consider that the parties have different support in different parts of the country its hard to see how you can maintain that neck in neck for most of the initial results. I guess we will have to wait to and see.

If you think of it, this is supposed to be merely announcing and not counting the votes because the counting was done at the polling stations and the results published. So there is no reason whatsoever to have a delay of any sort and therefore I also suspect something going on here.

I think you are right Rob - they are supposed to add up all the results in one constituency and add any postal votes and then announce. Its as simple as that even if it means doing for four elections. This shouldn't take long to do and by end of Monday at the latest I expected all the results to have been out.

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