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Real, Capello part company

Title winning Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello has lost his job after the club decided to get rid of him supposedly for the football style the team was playing on their way to the title.

It seems that at the Bernabeau winning alone is not enough but the team has to win in style and it seems the top hierarchy at Real were not too pleased with the way his team played even though it was winning.

I feel for Capello who was taken aboard at Real with the aim of getting the title back to the Bernabeau and he managed to do that although with some late shows as I mentioned in an earlier post. But I also think he made a number of mistakes and one the biggest ones was not seeing the value of David Beckham to the team and declaring that he was never going to play for Real the moment he announced that he was going to the MLS club, Los Angeles Galaxy.

I also think he didn't treat Ronaldo well and did not get the best out of him and that resulted in him leaving for AC Milan where his has been re-ignited his career.

But having said that, Capello can walk tall having had two one season stints with Real and in both seasons managing to get the La Liga title.

Capello managed to get the team playing as a team and fighting for results soemthing which the previous coaches in the last three years failed to do.

Looking at his replacment, the fact that they want a younger manager seems to rule out Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger which would be good news for the Gunner's supporters but the Getafe coach Bernd Schuster seems to have the job in the bag.

Whoever the takes the job will be under even more pressure because the team has just won a title.

coaching Real Madrid...its not a job, its gambling, the job is supposed to appeal to those out of jobs and not to stable coaches.

I have said it before that Real don't allow players and coaches to establish a legacy...their world doesn't believe in continuity, sowing seeds and nurturing to get results.

Having been there before, he knew what he was up against...I also didn't like the way he handled the transfers of the old guard, his comments about players were like washing dirty linen in public and they were divisive, I'm not sure about his motivational skills....

He treated Ronaldo like a house at an auction party (come and get him now for I don't want him, for Beckham he wanted to bring him down causing him to fight to protect his name on the pitch)....what goes around comes around..

Although Real blame the style of play etc I think that maybe they were not so pleased with the way Capello made Beckham leave the team. I don't know much about Ronaldo but yes it appears that he didn't man manage these guys well.

...Wes, its also about marketing... while Capello brought guys who can play soccer, they don't have profiles to match Becks and Ronaldo who were not particularly liked by Capello, these two sold shirts and merchandise for Real...

Remember earlier I wrote about how Real need every cent they can get because the league is not as profitable as the wonder nearly 50% of the top 20 money spinners are from the EPL .....

Mbareboy, if there was there was the marketing side to it, maybe they, the directors, should have made him aware of it. But, yeah I just hope he finds a good team because he is one of the best coaches around at the moment.

Capello being available should be causing some coaches at some of the big clubs in Europe a few headaches I think. If he is still not engaged by season start, then a loss here and there and you will easily be replaced by Capello because the man is an accomplished coach, the best around.

Nick, interesting what you say, its true and you will be looking mostly maybe in Serie A at maybe Inter or even Juve. Hopefully by the start of the season he would have found another team, it shouldn't too hard for him, his record speaks for itself.

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