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A broken Melbourne cycle

I have been watching the Melbourne fuel cycle over the last three weeks and I have observed that the cycle seems to be no more.

What normally happens is that sometime on Wednesday morning the price goes up by at least 10 to 15 cents and then gradually come down to the lowest price on Wednesday morning the following week before shooting up again but over the last few weeks this hasn't happened.

What has happened instead is that the price has just stayed around the $1.40 mark all the time and I am now wondering what has happened to the fuel cycle.

I think this is now the FuelWatch in action as recommended by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC). What I fear though is that when the price shoots up it will shoot up so high and stay there. Now that wont be good.

I think you spoke too early because this week the cycle started again with some outlets selling for $1.59 and some $1.49. The price maybe shows the cycle is still wobbly but it looks the only way is up this time. Keep watching it.

Thanks Ryan, I saw the price hike but it doesn't look like it was the beginning of a new fuel cycle but a price hike because the prices have since settled on that new price. I hope another hike will not be for another few weeks.

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