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New Connex timetable kicks in

The new Connex timetable will start on Monday the 9th of November and I am looking forward to the extra trains that have been added to my Epping line in the morning.

For me the biggest change will be the fact that the train will go straight to Flinders Station instead of going through the loop first and therefore this time I will have to leave the train at Flinders.

It will result in a fair amount of walking compared to my usual Flagstaff station. But I am hoping that it will mean that I get to work earlier using the same train because of avoiding the loop.

Connex has added two new trains between 7:30 am and 8:30 am and this will mean roughly a train every ten minutes and if they don't get cancelled it could be very good.

I am especially happy that the twenty minute gap between the Regent 8:04 and 8:24 trains has been halved and now missing the 8:04 train will not be a disaster as it has been in the past.

However, I am still suspicious that the change will end up with even more cancellations but for now let me hope for the best.

Epping trains will run via the loop after Flinders Street, so why not just stay on the train until Flagstaff?

Thanks D for the comment. What I realised this morning is that the train got to Flinders station and then waited for some time before going round the loop. Infact I left Flinders before the train left. Depending on the wait plus the five minutes it takes to get to Flagstaff I am thinking that it could be faster to get off Flinders and then walk to Williams but I will also try the option of staying on the train and then getting off Flagstaff and the compare the time. Cheers.

Diane Grant
I'm happy for the people on Epping line, meanwhile every morning this week I have been late for work because the trains on craigieburn line have either not run or have been late between 7.40 and 8.03 train. While you have 2 express trains running with practically nobody on them. Get it together for all commuters not just a few.

Sad to hear Diane that there has been a spate of cancellations on the Craigieburn line since Monday. It is just three days so far into the new timetable and Connex hasn't cancelled an Epping service between 7 and 8 am because I haven't received any SMS to that effect and my normal train has been coming and on time. But then again its just three days and I still think that maybe in the next few days we may start getting some cancellations but for now its looking good and I hope it stays like that.

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