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Review of F1 slots game

The Formula 1 season is up and running now, giving those who are interested in both motor racing and betting ample opportunities to indulge in both, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any appetite for other combinations of these.

A Formula 1 slots game offers a great way of being able to enjoy both in the downtime between races, and one of the very best of these games currently available is Good to Go.

You cannot miss the Formula 1 theme of this five reel, nine pay line slots game from the minute you see the opening screen, as the reel icons include drivers, racing cars and tyres. The visual aspect of this theme is developed further with other icons of pit girls, checkered flags and rev counters, while the backdrop features line markers down both sides – smartly recreating the look of the starting lights found on a standard Formula 1 grid. The theme doesn’t stop at the visuals either, as key moments in the game are accompanied by sound effects of revving engines and squealing car tyres, which really lends the game an exciting, atmospheric edge.

However, although the Formula 1 aspect of the game is very well develop, Good to Go also has to deliver as a modern online slots game – and this it does, with all the benefits of these games (like cheap play and a good chance of winning a pay out) alongside top quality video graphics. You can play the game at with coins as low in denomination as $0.01, while the maximum cash jackpot available is a pretty spectacular $50,000. Of course there is certainly no guarantee that you will win that amount playing it, but with the advantage of the wild symbol (the pit girl), which can fill in for others to boost your winning chances, and nine pay lines, you stand a very good chance of some kind of win.

Out of reach FA Cup

This year's FA Cup final between Manchester City and Wigan was played at 515 pm local time which meant 215 am Melbourne and out of reach for me to watch live.

Traditionally the FA Cup has been played at 3 pm local time in England but I think the demands of live television have made sure it got changed to a 515 pm slot where most people are home and can watch the match live.

However, here in Melbourne it means the kickoff is now at 215 am which is quite difficult for me to stay up for or to wake up for moreso when the next day is Mother's Day.

The best kickoff time for me I think would be 1 pm local time in England which is 10 pm local time here but I cannot see that happening.

I would have liked to watch the match live and watch the match that became Roberto Mancini's last match after he was sacked by Manchester City.

This year both ESPN and SBS were showing the match live and so it was easier for me to just record the match and watch early in the morning before knowing the result.