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Water Restrictions get tighter

With the drought continuing unabated and with water storage levels around 38% and continuing to drop, the turn of the year saw the introduction of the stage 3 water restrictions for Melbourne.

While we could wash our cars with a bucket and could water gardens with a trigger nozzle at nominated times among other things under stage 2, now car washing has to be done at the automated car wash and watering gardens is now restricted to just two days of the week and the days depend on whether your house number is odd or even. Mine being even it means Tuesday and Saturday.

While maybe most people don't want water restrictions, they are good because they help conserve the remaining water. While travelling through country Victoria last week, I passed through some towns like San Remo that are now on stage 4 and I hope that Melbourne doesn't get that far soon. Speaking to locals at San Remo, stage 4 has actually been in place since sometime in November last year. I was fortunate that the town where I was based, Inverloch, was still on stage 2 water restrictions.

The effects of water restrictions has meant that you rarely hear lawn mowers rattling over the weekends these days. Watering lawns stopped more than two months ago and without water the grass is hardly growing and hence a lot of lawnmowers just lie idle in garden sheds around the city.

I hope and pray that there will be rains soon and plenty of it to improve the water storage levels and bring back the green landscape in and around Melbourne.

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