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Bananas gone bananas

Yesterday I went to my local market at Preston Market here in Melbourne and I was surprised to see that bananas have continued to surge towards $10 a kilo. The story is Cyclone Larry destroyed most of the banana plants in north Queensland and that area reportedly produces 90% of the bananas consumed here in Australia. This has created a banana shortage and this shortage has seen prices sky rocket to the current prices.
People talk so often about fuel prices but the banana price has increased five fold in the last few months alone.
I read elsewhere that there is an oversupply of bananas on the world market but this doesn't help us at all because all bananas we consume are locally produced and no imports are allowed. So I will have to contend with the high prices but in the meantime I will probably have to reduce my banana consumption and that's not going to be a walk in the park.

Where is the dancing banana when you need it ?

A few weeks back, the highest recorded price of a single banana was reported: $3.30 A few Melbourne markets on that same weekend were doing about $13.50 a kilo for bananas. We only see them in books now. They are extinct from our diet altogether. What other food has potassium in it? That might be the way to go.

An A-Z of foods High in Potassium, Low in Sodium avocado & other stone fruit banana, plantain coconut water, milk & flesh dates & other dried fruits fenugreek & other spices herbs and chili fresh or dried. gourds – eg bitter, bottle & wax Indian mackerel & other fish jackfruit kale & other green leafy vegetables kidney + other beans + legumes lotus, sesame, sunflower & other seed mushrooms – fresh or dried and unsalted orange and other citrus fruits & juices papaya, watermelon & other seeded fruit peanuts & other nuts raisins + other dried fruit red and white meat rice bran sweet and white potato soy – beans, curd, milk tomato Tamarind tapioca, taro yoghurt & dairy (except cheese)

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